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I have a 1998 Buick Park Avenue. The AC air blowing direction (floor, Midlevel, defrost) is irratic and not controlling. Already had diagnosed by dealer and they said it needs this Actuator replaced. So the job would be removing the old actuator via removal of part of dash or underdash to get to the door that moves and directs the air flow. I already have the new actuator part as seen in the picture.
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chryslernewport ( 0 )

For complete job $175.00 21-Aug-2008 08:25:50 AM 0 Awards N/A
$175 if you can drop it off or wait, at my place.
Delivery: 1 Days
ahahesse ( 5 )

For complete job $250.00 19-Aug-2008 10:37:08 PM 1 Awards N/A
I am certiffied in automotive heat and A/C as well as temp. control.
Delivery: 1 Days

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timnphx on 23-Aug-2008 07:33:39 AM
I see you are from Goodyear. The car that needs worked on is in Chandler. Will you be able to work on this car at my location?
timnphx on 23-Aug-2008 07:57:11 AM
This note out to all bidders. I prefer to have it worked on at my location in Chandler, but will drop it off somewhere if close. However, most importantly, I need to have it worked on and completed by Tuesday 82608 at the latest if possible. Please submit message if you can do under these new conditions.
Admin on 23-Aug-2008 07:58:11 PM
queen2, you got an email when you were awarded. Full step by step instructions are in that email. One click in that email is all it takes to accept the award. I have also emailed instructions 3 times now. Let me help you get this done.
timnphx on 23-Aug-2008 09:24:55 PM
queen2: I hope you can get your end of it figured out (Accptance, fee, Private message whatever,) so we can get this done tomorrow (Sun) . If not I am home with this car on Monday too.
Admin on 24-Aug-2008 10:34:05 PM
[queen2] will no longer be allowed on the site due to bidding and then not keeping his commitment once awarded. The BanHammer is going to keep falling until we have only real workers.
Admin on 24-Aug-2008 10:41:11 PM
[robtmjr30] We have all been trying to contact you and all emails have gone unanswered. Please honor your bid. Any person bidding is bound to honor their commitment per terms of service. We will be banning anyone forever that is found to be just bidding and wasting everyones time.
Admin on 24-Aug-2008 10:59:18 PM
[robtmjr30] will no longer be allowed on the site due to bidding and then not keeping his commitment once awarded. The BanHammer is going to keep falling until we have only real workers.
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