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Looks like there may be a crack at the top of my pool filter. Looking for someone to come out and determine what work needs to be done if any. Also need my pool drained before summer.
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jeremygresh ( 0 )

For complete job $0.01 24-Mar-2009 06:22:58 PM 0 Awards N/A
I will be in cave creek area in the next few days. With years of experience in the industry I know what I am doing. If you can provide a photo of both pool and filter I can give you a quote on both drain and filter. please include photo of crack and any label on filter.
Delivery: 1 Days
POG01 ( 5 )

For complete job $1.00 24-Mar-2009 07:22:23 PM 1 Awards N/A
With a photo of the crack, a photo of pool (as an example of water condition) and the name of the filter we can provide not only an estimate but an exact cost for all time, labor and parts.
Delivery: 1 Days

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Admin on 24-Mar-2009 04:14:03 PM
Any chance you could upload a picture? Thanks
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