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Started: 13-Apr-2009 05:07:08 PM
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Need two trees trimmed in front of my house as well as 3 small trees in the back.

There is one small lemon tree, a small fig tree, and I don't know what the last one is in the backyard.

All stand about 10 to 12 feet high. The two out front are larger.
Typical for a front yard. One is a mesquite and the other a Eucalyptus.

Also require that you dispose of branches, leaves, etc.
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franknval ( 4 )

For complete job $160.00 16-Apr-2009 12:59:43 AM 4 Awards N/A
Professionally trim tree,s ,haul off trimmings
Delivery: 1 Days
Murolee ( 4 )

For complete job $165.00 14-Apr-2009 03:17:17 PM 2 Awards N/A
can do in a day
Delivery: 1 Days
TheOne ( 0 )

For complete job $170.00 18-Apr-2009 10:36:39 PM 0 Awards N/A
I can do this job in a couple hours for you, also I'm close by. I can also remove the tree branchs and etc. for you. This price is for labor and removal of trimmings
Delivery: 1 Days

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youngpettit on 15-Apr-2009 03:44:12 PM
how tall are the one in the front
Admin on 17-Apr-2009 06:18:17 AM
Do you plan on awarding this job? Thanks
dish on 18-Apr-2009 10:19:58 AM
The trees in front are about 20 ft high I would say. The mesquite is the larger of the two.
dish on 18-Apr-2009 10:20:28 AM
Yes, I plan on awarding the job today.
Admin on 20-Apr-2009 11:47:25 AM
Looks like that worker was too "busy". Please feel free to select another. Thank you!
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