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Started: 01-Mar-2009 10:17:13 AM
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Assorted work around the house. Includes light house work. Must be available Saturday March 7 from 9 am to 4 pm. Lunch provided. Nothing heavy, no supplies needed. Must understand English. Home is in Litchfield Park (west valley). If you are good and dependable we will have more work for as we get closer to our moving date.

I will ask you to provide references. Bid is for the whole day.
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Murolee ( 4 )

For complete job $90.00 02-Mar-2009 02:23:38 PM 2 Awards N/A
Will be doing home clean up as requested.
Delivery: 1 Days
Lankfordk ( 0 )

For complete job $99.50 02-Mar-2009 08:10:49 AM 0 Awards N/A
I am a college student that just moved here from Idaho looking to make some extra money until I find a job down here in Avondale, not too far from where you [CENSORED] I will provide outstanding service and am a very organized person! :)
Delivery: 1 Days
smarti265 ( 0 )

For complete job $125.00 02-Mar-2009 06:42:47 PM 0 Awards N/A
This bid is for light house work as well as assorted work around your house (no heavy lifting). I am available on Saturday March 7 you will simply be amazed at what can be accomplished between the hours of 9 am to 4 pm, with lunch & supplies provided by you.

A Native Arizonian residing in the Buckeye area. I only speak English.

References are available upon request.

I am in good physical condition with my own transportation. Prompted and Reliable!
Delivery: 1 Days
wbrewerces ( 0 )

For complete job $132.00 02-Mar-2009 07:39:30 AM 0 Awards N/A
For assorted work around your house, to includes light house work. I will be available Saturday March 7 from 9 am to 4 pm. I understand you will provide lunch, there is nothing heavy, and I will need no supplies. I speak and understand English. I live in El Mirage (west valley). I am good and dependable with good references.

I will provide references to you upon request. I am in good physical condition and have my own transpertation.
Delivery: 1 Days
pepe2112 ( 5 )

For complete job $150.00 02-Mar-2009 01:24:37 PM 1 Awards N/A
I will do this job and do it very well. Thank you.
Delivery: 1 Days
mebinphx ( 0 )

For complete job $165.00 02-Mar-2009 05:29:19 AM 0 Awards N/A
Your posting said "assorted work around the house, including light house keeping." Please give me a general idea of what else you need to have done that day.
Delivery: 1 Days
csbyers ( 0 )

For complete job $165.00 03-Mar-2009 07:42:06 AM 0 Awards N/A
Hello, I have 14+ years expirence in cleaning. I am self employed and can work alone or with my assistant. I can provide plenty of references. I am very through and frendly and I only speak english. I believe you get what you pay for and my quote is way cheaper then any big service in town. This job would cost you 3 to 4 hundred at least with one of them! Thank you for your time and consideration.
Delivery: 1 Days
snackfiller ( 0 )

For complete job $175.00 01-Mar-2009 10:07:32 PM 0 Awards N/A
I can help you all day as you noted, I am in my 40`s and I work hard and thorough and carefully, and I live close.... 115Th ave & Indian School Rd
Delivery: 1 Days

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