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Time needed to coordinate, but want job done soon!

* Start by strapping wires to rafters (to avoid pulling out)
* Carpentry to remove Homosite, as needed, and replace with modern product
* Cover walls of dirt on sides of crawl space (double wide) NO WOOD, (several options suggested all good; yours?)
* Need extra jack (not supportivejust code) and No lifting
* Mold was professionally tested now and cleared fully, but questionable areas and materials to be replaced
* Need jobsite digital pictures
* Consider flooring options
* Have insulation tubing to be applied to water pipes
*Ok to remove dirt, if needed
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almo on 24-Mar-2010 12:19:19 PM
Hello, To hard to give safe and fair bid without seeing lob first. I live in Gilbert about 8 miles away and would come out to check out work if you wouls let me. Thank you, Alan Jensen
Admin on 24-Mar-2010 12:30:41 PM
For privacy reasons that is not possible here. The poster can upload any photos necessary for your complete bid. Thanks
kashmirsmp on 24-Mar-2010 07:27:53 PM
Hello. Before crawling under a house I like to male sure that there is not a scorpion or snake problem on the property. Have you had any troubles with these pests in the past?
WorkNeeded on 24-Mar-2010 08:29:18 PM
1. no pest problems (known, reported) several have been there prior (one recently in March) 2. Specific questions? I'll see if any pix later. Ever been in a crawl space without the blocks? same sort of thing. Most crawl spaces are similar (if no block wall). i may be short sighted on this?
WorkNeeded on 02-Apr-2010 08:22:16 PM
Well, got one worker with little time available & job yet undone. Contractor put up one wall of 4x8x16 with footers, mortar, etc. Good job, but need more completed. Still looking.
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