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Started: 21-Feb-2010 07:41:40 PM
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I need kitchen cabinets installed. They are from IKEA. Must have experience installing this brand. 12 cabinets total.

Must have completed this week.

********** Ammended **********
The cabinets have already been assembled. They just need to be installed.
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JimKaiser ( 5 )

For complete job $300.00 22-Feb-2010 01:25:47 AM 3 Awards N/A
Hello I'm an Ikea kitchen cabinet pro and I've installed dozens of Ikea
kitchens. Having been a custom cabinet builder for several years, I've
perfected the Ikea system and use techniques that make the installation
much stronger than the typical installation.

Normal rates to assemble and install these cabinets are usually around
$125 per cabinet, so my bid is about 50% of what the contractors from
Ikea would charge.

If you haven't got your cabinets yet, I have several of the Adel Birch doors
that I would be able to give you a great discount on as well as a couple
other door styles.

You've made a great choice in cabinets. I've got Ikea cabinets in my own
kitchen and I love them.

This bid includes professional assembly and installation of 12 cabinets with
all accessories and trim.

Please check my feedback on this site.




Since cabinets are already assembled, this cuts the time on the job way
down. I'm also adjusting my bid even lower than I normally would to be
more in line with the other bids.

I've bid this as 2 days because I like to staple and glue in the backs to
make a MUCH stronger cabinet that will not get out of square. I can still
do this even if you've got the backs in already,but the glue will take
overnight to dry before they should be installed.


Delivery: 2 Days
mgdbuild ( 0 )

For complete job $325.00 22-Feb-2010 09:18:51 AM 0 Awards N/A
Preassembled IKEA cabinets should be a snap to install. The last kitchen I did with this brand turned out looking really sharp. I will need to know a little bit more information before coming out to install to make sure I have the right material for attachment, but sight unseen, $325 will get the job done efficiently and professionally.

I do not have references on this site as this is the first time I have used it, but I have many references to provide should that help your decision making.

Thank you for your consideration.

Matt Ducharme
Delivery: 1 Days
Bgbeatty32 ( 0 )

For complete job $520.00 22-Feb-2010 10:48:37 AM 0 Awards N/A
I been doing custom and stock cabinets installs for ten years. These IKEA cabinets are great cabinets and would not be a problem for me to install them. The price includes the complete intsall.
Thanks for your time
Delivery: 3 Days

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akipnes on 22-Feb-2010 07:52:13 AM
Jim I have already assembled the cabinets over the last 3 days. All I need is to have them installed. Please let me know if this changes your bid. Thanks
JimKaiser on 22-Feb-2010 11:29:09 AM
Thank you akipnes It will take me a couple hours to accept the Job here on my end and then the site will send us each other's contact information. I look forward to talking with you this afternoon. Jim
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