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Home in Gilbert. I need two bedrooms of carpeting/padding pulled up and taken to the dump. Rooms are fairly small, no larger than 12x12. They are stinky pet urine.

Needs done during the day Monday. Paid cash on completion. Need your assurance that this will be disposed of properly and not dumped behind some box store.
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karos6767 ( 0 )

For complete job $90.00 22-Feb-2009 04:31:22 PM 0 Awards N/A
if you want i can install new carpet and padding for $400 more i got the carpet in my home
Delivery: 1 Days
ptl3 ( 0 )

For complete job $100.00 22-Feb-2009 04:08:28 PM 0 Awards N/A
We can complete. WE have a crew in the area on Monday.
Delivery: 1 Days
NikC ( 5 )

For complete job $100.00 22-Feb-2009 03:30:53 PM 1 Awards N/A
licensed, bonded and insured and I live near by.
Delivery: 1 Days
scockerill08 ( 0 )

For complete job $110.00 22-Feb-2009 03:31:43 PM 0 Awards N/A
remove carpet, pad, strips, clean up, and dispose of trash
Delivery: 1 Days
mktaylor ( 0 )

For complete job $120.00 22-Feb-2009 03:13:54 PM 0 Awards N/A
I can do the job. ith the same results as the others. anytime on monday
Delivery: 1 Days
sellers88 ( 0 )

For complete job $140.00 22-Feb-2009 03:01:58 PM 0 Awards N/A
scrap floors,vacuum,tack strip,disposal of carpet and pad,be cleaned up and gone in no more then 2 hours tops. Need to know promptly so I can get you in monday morning first thing.
Delivery: 1 Days
odoyle119 ( 0 )

For complete job $150.00 22-Feb-2009 02:14:56 PM 0 Awards N/A
I will pull carpet and pad including tack strips and dispose of at city dump. I recomend that you throughly clean the concrete since its a pourus material and absorbs pet odors! This I can also treat for you if you like at aditional cost. I have cleaned carpets along with the many other skills I have attained over the years. I use only enviormental friendly products. Love the earth to!!
Delivery: 1 Days

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sellers88 on 22-Feb-2009 02:56:59 PM
I have been doing floors like tile,stone,wood and laminate for 10 yrs. Have pulled more carpet out then I can remember. I dispose of all material at the city dump. If you need any help with replacement material for your rooms I can be of some great help with that and save you a ton of money. Installation also is affordable with a quality and craftmanship you can see. I will be done with tout in a couple of hours and will scrap up glue and the pad stuck to it,vacuum and if you want the tack strip up (recomended) that will also be included. I will do the job for 140 dollers. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon so I can schedule you in first thing monday morning.
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