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Budget: Large Project ( $1,000.00 - $100,000.00 ) 
Bidding Type: For complete job
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Low Bidder: UrPainter ( 5 )   
Started: 10-Sep-2010 04:10:05 PM
Ends: 14-Sep-2010 04:10:05 PM ( Expired )
History: 4 Bids, 10 Questions
Average Bid: $1,902.50
Lowest Bid: $1,760.00
Highest Bid: $2,200.00
Job Location Maricopa > Arizona
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Poster: DNathan ( 5 )
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UrPainter ( 5 )

For complete job $1,760.00 13-Sep-2010 07:29:08 PM 2 Awards N/A
We would love to complete your painting job for you. Bid includes all materials including Dunn Edwards paint. We have painted several homes in your neighborhood and know what to expect. We have also done work for Boeing, Banner Hospitals, Dell Webb and Troon. Job will be done right the first time and on time. ThankYou for your consideration.
Delivery: 5 Days
jdhcp ( 4 )

For complete job $1,800.00 13-Sep-2010 01:40:21 AM 3 Awards N/A
We can do your interior painting for 1,800 that includes labor and material.
Delivery: 5 Days
pepe2112 ( 5 )

For complete job $1,850.00 13-Sep-2010 09:11:02 AM 1 Awards N/A
This will include all paint and labor. Drywall repair beyond nail holes, will be $18.00 an hour. I have all tools and a truck. 26 years in the trade. 5 star rating on this site. Thank you.
Delivery: 5 Days
sshill ( 0 )

For complete job $2,200.00 12-Sep-2010 05:23:43 PM 0 Awards N/A
We are talking about 5 days to get everything buttoned up. That is leaving room incase something happens to go wrong. That price does include the paint. If we could get the address and go look at the place we could give you a more accurate bid. It will not go any higher but can always go lower. We look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks for your time.
Delivery: 5 Days

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UrPainter on 11-Sep-2010 08:54:48 AM
Do you need the ceilings and doors painted as well or just the walls? Thanks
pepe2112 on 11-Sep-2010 11:40:44 AM
If you only want the walls and ceilings painted please say so? Thank you.
sshill on 11-Sep-2010 12:30:46 PM
Are we talking about everything in the house,walls,ceilings,trim,doors? Also is the occupied or vacant? Do you want it brushed and rolled or sprayed? I would really like to know this information before trying to give you a bid on this job. If you could get back with me, that would be awesome.
joe1963 on 11-Sep-2010 03:47:56 PM
Can you more specific on what you want painted?? Is it walls,ceilings doors trim ect.
on 11-Sep-2010 09:26:47 PM
Thanks guys. I left so many details out. My apologies. No ceilings, just walls, except for one set of closet doors. Baseboards need painted, but all flooring will be pulled, so overspray is fine. The baseboards are a different color. There is very little trim that I can think of. I think sprayed would be fine if it's easiest we just want it to look nice. The house is vacant for now. We have a nautical color scheme of 6 or so colors. Existing colors are grays and purples. Please indicate if your bid includes paint. We have no idea how much paint it would take. I increased the budget, but have no idea what it would come to, so bid what you think.
sshill on 11-Sep-2010 11:07:30 PM
I was wondering if there was any way to come out and see the house. We would be able to go over the colors and see how much paint it would take for each area. That way we could give you two bids. One with the paint and one without. Can be reached at atop[NO PHONE]. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks
DNathan on 14-Sep-2010 09:15:19 AM
If you will please provide an hourly or daily rate in case I can paint some of the rooms. From the looks of the responses, it's going to be a lot of work, and I don't doubt for a second the talent you all have. Thanks!
UrPainter on 14-Sep-2010 06:01:36 PM
For an hourly charge it will be $20.00 or a flat daily rate of $150.00 per 8 hour day. Thanks
sshill on 14-Sep-2010 08:00:01 PM
For an hourly rate we are looking at $22.00 an hour per person.
jdhcp on 15-Sep-2010 07:08:00 AM
I would charge 18.00 per hour per person. Thanks for your time.
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