How it Works
Household Jobs Got You Down? Get Help Now

On The Job is the online job board where you can find skilled workers ready to get jobs done.
Locally based Skilled Workers compete for your jobs.
Our unique system ensures that you find the best workers at the lowest possible price.
Don't limit yourself. Post anything you need done, and get back to enjoying your life!

1Post Any Job Big or Small

Posting Jobs is fast.
There's no cost to post. Simply go to 'Post a Job' and fill out the job details.
You can even include a picture if you want.
Workers are notified of your job immediately.

2Set a time limit that Workers can bid on the job

You control how long you're willing to allow workers to bid.
You can even end the bid process early if you want.
Need the work done quickly make it a short auction.
If you have the time let it go longer and possibly get a lower bid.
It's all up to you.

3You're in control

You choose a Budget Range.
Only bid amounts that are in that range can be placed.

4Workers compete to win your Job

Workers read your posting and respond directly to you.
You are notified by email of their responses.
If Workers have questions they can use our public message board to get clarification on your job.
Because everyone sees the posts, you'll only have to answer a question once.
When the workers are ready, they will then bid on your job.
You will receive a bid that includes:

  • The total cost to complete your job as you've specified
  • The number of days to complete your job.
  • The exact specifics of what they are going to do as part of completing your job

5Choosing the Best Worker

In addition to reviewing the bids, you'll also see each worker's profile.
The profile includes their description of their skills and areas of specialization.
These items that are designed to help you get to know them better.
In those cases where workers have completed work for others,
you will also find ratings from homeowners like yourself.
This information, in conjunction, with the bids you receive,
will allow you to make a more informed choice of best worker for your job.

Communicate with your Worker

On The Job provides a 'PUBLIC' message board that
allows you to effortlessly communicate with the workers.
Some uses are: Ask questions, provide information and
clarify the details of your job.
Once you have awarded your job, you'll use our 'PRIVATE' message board
to relay private information.

7Leave feedback for each other

Share you experience with others!
Leave feedback and let other On The Job users know the quality of your experience.
This feature builds trust and promotes ethics within the community,
so be sure to take advantage of it.


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